Useful References

Useful References

Useful Links

Some members of our congregation have found these sites to be useful in lesson preparation and research.  They are provided for your convenience.  If you should have issues with their content, please contact the webmaster for that site.While we have found in the past that the following sites have good and where necessary scriptural information, they are not maintained by members of our congregation, and we cannot be responsible for the content therein. In this, as in all matters, you should test the information presented against the Scriptures. 

Home bible studies

Christian Evidences Study Courses, offered by Apologetics Press (Col 2:8)

Directories of Congregations

FindTheChurch - a directory of 600+ "non-institutional" congregations of  the churches of Christ

TheGoodFight - another directory of conservative congregations

InteractiveBible - another directory of conservative congregations, along with a large library of learning resources

On-Line Bible Text [note - we do not recommend, nor are we involved in, nor do we profit by, any items that might be marketed on the linked pages]

BibleGateway - A number of English versions of the Bible, as well as links in other languages

Sermon and Lesson Outlines 

Executable Outlines - Lesson outlines by Mark Copeland of Fortune Road church of Christ, Kissimmee, FL

WordPoints - Daily devotionals and lesson outlines by Gary Henry

LaVista - A variety of topical articles (some in Spanish) by Jeffrey Hamilton of LaVista church of Christ, LaVista, NE

Creced - A number of articles written in both Spanish and English by Gardner Hall of Port Murray, NJ