Novel Coronavirus 19 (COVID-19)

The elders have been monitoring the situation with the COVID-19 virus across the world, the nation, and here in the greater Houston area. 

We understand that anyone exposed to the virus can be a carrier for a significant amount of time with no symptoms appearing. We understand that those over 60 are very vulnerable, especially those with underlying health conditions.

For information on the COVID-19 status, prevention, and risk, refer to the CDC website:

As Christians, we want to respond to the situation with love and faithfulness, rather than with fear and anxiety. We can prepare our families and be ready to support and care for each other. We often talk about Romans 15:1, “We then who are strong out to bear with the weak” in terms of spiritual strength and weakness, as we should. It is important also that those who are physically strong and healthy should be careful to avoid any possible harm to those who are physically more vulnerable. The short-term actions we are proposing are based not on fear, but on the desire to protect the vulnerable among us.

The elders have decided the following:

  • Worship services will continue on Sunday mornings at 9:30am and evenings at 5:00pm. All who wish to attend in person may do so (pews have been blocked off to allow for proper spacing). We still encourage all those who are more susceptible to the Covid 19 virus, those with ongoing health issues, and those who are sick or exhibit symptoms of illness, to remain at home and continue streaming the services via Zoom.
  • We will make some modifications to the preparation and manner in which we partake of the Lord Supper to avoid having multiple people handle the unleavened bread and the trays.
  • Bible classes on Sunday morning are cancelled until further notice. However, we will continue a midweek encouragement on Wednesdays at 7:30pm on Zoom only. The same procedure is used to connect to each service.  Please let us know if you need ANY assistance with connecting via your phone, computer, tablet, or any other device.